Sneak Peek: A Day in the Life of the Fit Access Team

The most important thing about being part of the Fit Access team would be the fact that you need to know how to multi-task. From running errands to meeting partners, even conversing with members and simply making sure that everyone is enjoying their workouts – these are all the things that make up a small part of our day.

During the days that we aren’t slaves to the corporate world, we’re out on the field doing what we’re most passionate about. Take a look!


Both of us (Ia and Nat) have been training for the Kettlebell Sport under IKSFA Philippines Representative Coach Tim Ayson. In the gym, we are athletes – talking about work is a complete no no!

Left: Ia doing Long Cycle with a 20-kg kettlebell; Right: Nat doing a Turkish Get-Up with a 16kg kettlebell

Loving that post-workout blush!


We won’t lie, we always look forward to our most sacred post-workout meal. Whenever we don’t have our lunchboxes filled willed with bananas and peanut butter, we head over to our go-to spot for organic yet awesome food!

Best protein & carbs pairing (Photo from


Fit Access is all about people and relationships. From time to time, we drop by our partner studios to say “Hey, what’s up hello…” ala Fetty Wap and give them a huge high-five for doing such an amazing job teaching and getting their students in shape!

Ia and Nat with Coach Jericho Viejo of Forge: Martial Fitness


As super active people, we absolutely hate sitting down for too long. That pretty much explains why any of our meetings never last for more than an hour! However, the one thing that’ll keep our butts stuck to our chairs would have to be coffee and cake! Mmm… drooling right now.

Nat enjoying her black velvet cake til the last bite

And… that’s what we do during our off days from our daily jobs. This is all for you and the Fit Access community! Tomorrow is always worth looking forward to since it’s another opportunity to live out our passion – a fitter and healthier lifestyle for EVERYONE!

Also, feel free to chat with us – shoot us a message via our social media pages or send coffee and cake recommendations our way through email at!


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