Progress Your Way to a Full Push-Up

Push-ups are an easy, awesome exercise. You can do it whenever, wherever! Use it as a warm-up, to build strength, or to add variation to your workouts!

If you are intimidated or have trouble doing them, all you need is practice and the proper form!

Try these push-up drills to help you progress into that full push-up. Just follow our four-week drill and devote as little as 10 minutes everyday to learning that push-up.




Week 1
15 reps wall push-ups

Just lean against the wall with your arms in a push-up position. Keep your hands as close to your chest as possible. Remember that your head and elbows should form a figure similar to an “arrow tip”, not a T.

Week 2
10 reps kneeling/modified push-ups

Be in a push-up position on the floor but with your knees on the floor, supporting your body weight. Follow the “arrow tip” form.

Week 3
10 reps elevated push-ups (arms)

*Get a box or a block that you can press on. Ideally, it should not be too high. Be in a push-up position with your arms elevated on the box. Make sure that your core is engaged and that your hips are not high up in the air.

Week 4
3-5 reps of full push-ups

Once you’re comfortable with the elevated push-ups, you may start removing the box and try it on the floor. Same pointers – arrow tip, core engaged.


Remember, consistency is key!

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