These Members Will Inspire You to Change Your Lifestyle

It’s the New Year and we’re off to a great start! January is always a good time to reevaluate and make changes to our old habits. Whether you want to quit your vices, start sleeping early or exercising regularly, if you’re serious about making a lifestyle change, the time to start is NOW.

We’ve collected some incredible stories from our Fit Access members about their fitness journey and how they’re making that change and starting to live healthier every single day. Read on and be inspired!


Francis Allen Punla, Head Coach – Peak Performance Athletic Center

I started like everyone else, wanting to look good. And then I evolved into training for athletic performance.

But then I had a stroke in 2015.

Now my goals are really just for being strong and healthy so I can see my son grow and experience things with him. So when I train that’s my focus. Also in eating. I think of food as fuel to be strong for the day. When I think of eating junk or slacking in my training, I just think about my son and being there for him for as long as I can.

Em Villanueva, Entrepreneur and Linguistics Trainer


I have never been the skinny girl. I was the fat, weak girl in high school. Really weak and afraid of any physical activity. Heck, I even avoided friends that might push me to any sort of sport. So when I finally decided that I want to try working out and go to the gym, I was actually coming from a place of hate and war with myself.

Then I fell in love.

I fell in love with the process. I fell in love with my fitness journey and the people I met along the way. I fell in love with growing stronger with every rep of every workout. I enjoyed and savored the entire process. Now, I am hooked! More than the number on the scale, I take pride in being strong. I love working hard to be stronger than I am. And it’s so empowering, as a woman, to know and own that strength.

For me, ‘Ang lakas mo na, girl!’ is now more kilig than ‘Ang payat mo na, girl!’

Trina Ante, Model and Blog Contributor

Turning 30 changed my perception of fitness…when the flabs and cellulite started to show and I felt weaker and more exhausted than usual.

I wanted to work out to be sexier, but I was too lazy. Going to just one gym or studio on a regular basis was something I find boring. Fortunately, multi-gym membership programs started to become a trend in Manila and that finally motivated me to leave my “commitment issues” behind.

I got to explore different activities, go around the metro meeting new people, be more mindful of my diet, and form new goals to achieve. I’m no longer working out just to be sexier. The sexy part is now just a bonus. I wanted to achieve what I thought was impossible. I now know what it’s like to have the abs, to slim down as a result of hard work and determination, to do those activities that can be too challenging for a shy and sickly woman like me yet feel better afterwards. 

I now work out to be happier, wiser and healthier. I want to have increased energy to beat stress and travel. I aim to be more confident and inspire more people to follow my lead. I’m thankful that I made the decision to prioritize creating an improved, more kick-ass version of me…better late than never. It pays to be fit in this world full of tension, pollution and fast food calories.


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