Featured Studio of the Week “FitAccessPHick”: Yoga+


For people who constantly do strength training or are into weightlifting (i.e. us!), flexibility is very important to be able to perform several workouts well, or even do daily activities.

Stretching is a very important habit. To prevent muscle shortening, it is essential to stretch muscles before and after workout. Flexibility exercises and classes such as yoga help increase the muscles’ range of motion.

Thus, it was a great opportunity to get back into Yoga again. We booked a session at Yoga+ not just to improve our flexibility, but to let go of our bodies’ negative energies and re-discover our inner selves. Clearer minds make greater athletes!

The Class: Keep Calm and Go At Your Own Pace

Flow Basics is just one of the classes at Yoga+ which is ideal for beginners, but also have some modifications for advanced students. We met teacher Ivy, who was the most patient and pleasant yoga instructor! Flow Basics had some sun salutations and basic asanas, and we love how every movement is synchronised with our breaths. We learned to go deeper into the poses with every breath, but everyone was encouraged to move at their own pace and level.



The Studio: Healing Energy

The Yoga+ Fort studio was very simple yet welcoming.

Yoga Plus Lockers

Lockers at the Yoga+ studio. Bring your own padlock! (Photo courtesy of Ohohleo.ph)

We definitely felt the peacefulness and positive energy of the place from the moment we walked in.

All Yoga+ studios are eco-friendly. They use a special yoga flooring, the first in the Philippines, that prevents bruises and provides cushion and traction especially during hot yoga classes. They have heaters which use far infrared technology, again a first in the Philippines, which provide all the benefits of sunlight without the harmful UV rays, and promote an overall feeling of well-being.

These definitely helped relax our minds and made our bodies more comfortable during the session.

Studio Mats

Manduka mats are a serious yogi’s best friend! These mats are made from recycled, non-toxic materials.


At Yoga+, they are keen on letting you focus solely on your practice and not worry about anything else.

You see, you can just come to the studio straight from work, with just your yoga clothes. No need to worry about bringing your own mat and towels, as Yoga+ provides this free of charge (PHP 100 rental fee in Yoga+ Express studios). Lockers are also available to store your belongings while you are taking the class.

The Staff: Pleasant

From the receptionist, staff and teachers, everyone was accommodating and courteous. As it was our first time, they gave us a friendly tour of the studio, and had a brief introduction about Flow Basics prior to the session.

Why we love this studio:

It is Yoga+’s mission to make everyone happy, healthy, and become better human beings through the practice of yoga. Yoga is all about feeling good and this was definitely what we felt after a calm but sweaty sesh!



After the class, we decided that we did not want a usual photo-op, so here’s an AcroYoga pose for you! Thank you to teacher Ivy for being so patient and filling our class with so much energy! Namaste!


Yoga+ has studios in BGC, Ortigas and Makati, and a Yoga+ Express studio in DLSU Manila. Check out each studio’s class offerings on Fit Access.

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