Featured Studio of the Week “FitAccessPHick”: Forge: Martial Fitness

Each week, the Fit Access team shall be visiting one of our partner studios and giving you the lowdown on their best programs and why you should try them out now! Our experience will be shared with you so that you could feel more comfortable when it comes to booking a class with the studio.

This week’s #FitAccessPHick is FORGE: MARTIAL FITNESS.

Last week, we channeled our inner samurai and tried out their Warrior Conditioning class!

The Warrior Conditioning is Forge’s main fitness program. Coach Jericho Viejo, part-owner and head coach of Forge: Martial Fitness, says that this program is inspired by the different conditioning programs done by martial arts camps, fighting teams and law enforcement and military agencies.

If you’re unfamiliar with circuit training, it’s a fast-paced workout where you go through a series of exercise “stations” with little or no rest in between sets. What makes Forge’s circuit hardcore is that they always incorporate weapons striking, hand to hand skills, weight training, and lots of bodyweight movements. Talk about a circuit program that kicks you in the butt while actually teaching you to kick butt!

Coach Jericho Viejo teaching us how to handle the clubs to adjust the weight and resistance level

Coach Jericho Viejo teaching us how to handle the clubs to adjust the weight and resistance level

The circuit program is a great complement to Forge’s Martial Arts classes as it incorporates strengthening and cardio movements which is necessary training for those who want to pursue any of the martial arts. The emphasis for Warrior Conditioning is not to bulk up, but to increase speed and power, be lean and toned, and most importantly increase energy levels and energy return. Forge recommends using the circuit class as a warm up, cross training, or simply to amp up your workout!

True enough, afterwards, the regulars went off to train under the Martial Arts program of their choice. Members can choose from Swordsmanship, Urban Combatives, Technical Muay Thai and Boxing. The Swordsmanship class is one of the most popular classes offered by Forge, where you can dress up like a modern Kenji swordsman and have a go at it with lightsabers or handmade wooden swords.

Time to unleash the Force!

Students training with arnis

Are these guys real samurais or just fashionably dressed swordsmen?

Forge: Martial Fitness is equipped with everything you need to be a warrior, samurai, and ninja: weighted clubs, customized swords, training weapons, mats, tires, kettlebells, and dumbbells.

Forge: Martial Fitness also hosts workshops, competitions or “Duelo”s every month, so be sure to check those out to witness real swordfighting action!



Why we love this studio:
IA: I love their unique Martial Arts programs! Who would have thought that there is still sword fighting and training at this age? Moreover, Forge teaches with simple, practical techniques that anyone can use for self-defense in real life. P.S. How cool is that lightsaber though? Makes me feel like I could actually be an extra for the next Star Wars movie, haha!
NATALIE: Clean, minimalistic place! Their circuit is pretty epic! Watch out for their swordsmanship workshops!  I mean, who does not enjoy slicing through bamboos and jelly-filled objects?!?!


Forge: Martial Fitness is located at 3rd floor CFB Building, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque.
Fit Access class offerings include: Warrior Conditioning, Carlos Hermanos Swordsmanship, Urban Combatives Self-Protection, Practical Judo, Nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Technical Muay Thai / Boxing

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