A Letter from the Co-Founder & COO

To our dearest members:

Creating Fit Access was both a destiny and a passion project. Nat and I met each other at the gym and we both shared something in common which was more than just working out. Our friendship revolved around mutual love for fitness and appreciation towards eating and living well. In my opinion, it is always exciting to meet like-minded people who share the same vision and are on the same wave length as you.

Because of the same ideas we shared, we decided to build a platform that would encourage Filipinos to make healthier choices by making them more available to our members (which is, most probably you who’s reading this letter right now!). We want you to experience how fun fitness can truly be and, how great it feels to live a holistic and active lifestyle. If you’re a member though who’s not as fit as what you ideally want to be then don’t fear. We want to show you that we’re here to help and that we’d hold your hand throughout this journey to get you back to a fit lifestyle. I personally know how daunting and intimidating it is to start being fit and never had anyone to guide me so yes, I want Fit Access to be that push that you need in order to dive back into fitness.

Fit Access is meant for each member to dabble into different things but fall in love with something new or something that you’ve always wanted to do. Take a look at Nat who’s also known as Ms. Sporty. She was a competitive swimmer for six years, boxed and came up with amazing combinations for two years and practiced futsal, badminton and ultimate frisbee in between. On the other hand, you have me: I practiced Taekwondo since 15 and won a couple of competitions, and tried out badminton and running. However, little did both Nat and I know that our journey would both lead us to discover our current sport: Girevoy Sport AKA Kettlebell Sport!

Today, launching and running Fit Access has become our passion. Through trial and errors, pulling off all-nighters and consuming insane amounts of coffee, we are proud to bring you a dynamic community that we’ve built out of commitment and hard work. We aim to give you the most enjoyable and high-quality fitness activities offered by our partner gyms and studios. We are immensely proud of our local partners for the work they do to spread the word of health and fitness. Thus, we give them Fit Access as a platform so they can be discovered and recognized by you!

Like us, we hope to help you fall in love with fitness and discover what you are passionate about the most. Not just in health and fitness, but in life as well.

It has always been a relentless pursuit to give you the best that we can. We hope to make our dreams and goals a reality – and with your help, we can all inspire each other to live a better life through wellness.

Ia Hernandez is Fit Access’ COO and all-around girl. From product management, technical stuff, all the way down to the nitty gritty, Ia has got it covered! Being an athlete, Ia is always down for anything active and adventurous. Currently, marathons are her thing and she is currently training for her first 21k. She focuses on strength and endurance workouts while still practicing martial arts on the side. During her off days, she enjoys travelling, surfing and having a massage. Connect with her via @anihcaihernandez on Instagram.

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